EngagBot | Agency Edition

288 Million USERS...

288 million people joined social networks just last year.

The demand for visually beautiful, image and video posts just got BIGGER.

But that's not all.

The demand for managing and maintaining social media profiles also... MULTIPLIED.




What does this mean for you?

When combined, it's an even BIGGER and highly profitable opportunity for you because there's a serious crisis every business is facing.

They don't have the time, energy or skills to make it happen.

They want to but it's too time-consuming making this the PERFECT opportunity where you can charge one-time or monthly fees AND keep 100% of the profits.


INSTANT Professional


1 Click Design


Stealth Cloak &

INSTANT Design + VIDEO Portfolio


Before getting paid, everyone will want to see your professional portfolio of work you have done in the past.

It makes sense but you have a secret. You can INSTANTLY create a massive design and video portfolio in 1 click, for others to assess your ability, your quality before hiring you immediately.

Get started in business instantly to maximize your income faster without having to wait around creating portfolios to impress. We have you covered.

1 Click Design Variations


This is amazing, a HUGE timesaver and the client-will-be-amazed with your efforts. Multiply posts in image and video with multiple fonts, backgrounds and designs in 1 click.

All you do is set the requirements, hit generate and instantly show off 10 different beautiful unique video and image designs in a flash.

Some designs they may not like and that's fine because you went the EXTRA mile and gave them 10 to choose from justifying you are serious about their success so why wouldn't they want to pay YOU!

You can also use this for your own business too.

Built-In Stealth Link Cloak & Share


It's getting easier for others to take your hard work and duplicate it so to prevent this from happening, we created a stealth link cloaker, watermark system and private share feature too.

Prevent others from stealing your work.

At the click of a button the software adds your watermark, your logo and stealth cloaks the url you share with your clients for approval. No one will know it's EngagBot Agency.

Once they approved, click to unlock the watermark and get paid 100% of the profits. It's how you keep getting paid over and over again.

Sell Visual Quotes & Keep ALL
The Profits


Every business is on social media and by offering the MOST simplest, no-brainer service to help them keep their audience engaged for them...

"Who wouldn’t want to pay you?"

They desperately want to reach their audience consistently so they engage and in result dominate their market.

This is great news for you because you just became the fastest go-to-expert to produce professional posts that grab their visitor’s attention with social network management on autopilot.

Extras You Can Charge

  • Choice of Fonts
  • images
  • Add Logo, Brand Or Website
  • images
  • Stockphoto Video or Image
  • images
  • Abstract Background Image
  • images
  • Commercial Use
  • images
  • EXTRA Fast 1 Day Delivery
  • images
  • Design Per Social Platform
  • images
  • Revisions
  • images
  • Source File (JPG, PNG or PSD)

Charges For Social Media
Management & Posting

  • 1 Social Media Post To 1 Social Media Profile
  • images
  • Manage & Post To 2 Social Media Profiles
  • images
  • Manage & Post To 3 Social Media Profiles
  • images
  • Manage & Post To 4 Social Media Profiles
  • images
  • Management Duration (1, 2, 3, 4 Weeks etc)
  • images
  • EXTRA Fast 1 Day Delivery
  • images
  • Revisions
  • images
  • 2 Social Media Posts To 1 Social Media Profile

RAPID Design Services


Social Media Management


Keep 100% Profits

Every business is serious about their income but it’s extra work and they don’t have the time.

The Agency license is the perfect solution for YOU because it literally pays for itself even with one client paying you $1,000 every month.

If you can imagine that, then imagine 10, 20 and even 50 clients paying you $1,000 per month.

That’s an EASY $50,000 for clicking a few buttons.

It’s your service, and you can charge whatever you like and keep 100% of the profits.


Today only (Time-sensitive)



Multi User Access (Developer + Commercial + Outsourcer + VA License)

Invite and connect members of your team to create, manage and grow client profiles for you so you get results, hands-free. YES! You get the outsourcers and virtual assistant license.

A team that collaborates is essential to your success to grow your profits faster!



Multi Social Media Profile Accounts

If your client has multiple social media profiles, that's great because now you can charge more for that.

Manage multiple social media accounts whether they are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube, adding yet another stream of income.



CLIENT Analytics & Reporting Dashboard

You get the client reporting interface to see exactly where all action is coming from for your clients right inside your dashboard.

You will know which networks is getting them results and because you know, you can charge more.

Inform them and get paid more.




You get FREE storage space to save, edit and publish your work.

Your efforts may not be complete in one sitting and it's why we give you the power and ability to edit, save, undo, re-save your work as many times as possible until the job gets done.

During our launch period ONLY, the storage space and the ability to edit and save your work is FREE.



5,000 Stock Photos + 1,000 Graphical Elements

YES. You get 5,000+ brand new stock photos and 1,000 graphical elements.

ALL Copyright-FREE!

You may download, modify, distribute, and use them royalty free for anything you like, even in commercial applications.



Social Media Manager Income System

You have the social media training but now you're getting the social media MANAGER video training so you can magnify and reach your financial goals further.

Super-charged training for the new and advanced social media manager with hours of dvd training to tap into the billion dollar industry.

Triple, quadruple or 100X your profits, easily!

Official Release Price
$997 per year + $97 per month


This done-for-you system does all the work for you and your clients will keep paying you month after month because you deliver consistent results.

It’s what matters the most to them... the END RESULT and all it takes YOU is a few clicks of the mouse.

You can even use all this for your own business too because it’s ready to go, making it plug and play for you to get paid instantly!

Here's EVERYTHING You Get!



  • INSTANT VIDEO & Design Post Portfolio
  • 1 Click Design Variations In VIDEO & Image
  • Built-In Stealth Link Cloak & Share
  • Posting, Scheduling, Broadcasting & Syndication System
  • 1 Click Publishing To Facebook, Youtube, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • NO Technical & NO Design Skills Required
  • Use & Apply Anywhere On The Web
  • KEEP 100% Of The Profits

Exclusive Launch BONUS!

  • BONUS: Multi-User Access (Developer, Commercial, Outsource & VA License INCLUDED!)
  • BONUS: Multi Social Media Profile Accounts
  • BONUS: Client Analytics & Reporting Dashboard
  • BONUS: Client Design & Video FREE Cloud Storage
  • BONUS: 5,000 Fresh Stock Photos + 1,000 Graphical Elements
  • BONUS: 2 Hour Rapid Response PRO Support
  • BONUS: Social Media Manager Income System


$49.95 Today ONLY!



Your Service. Your PROFITS.


100% Risk Free!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We made EngagBot Agency amazing so you LOVE it. You are covered by our 30 days money back guarantee. If you face issues with our product or decide you want a refund, we shall deactivate your account and refund you. Most problems are technical which shall be fixed once queried. You are protected and have a full 30 days to try it RISK-FREE.

Claim Your EngagBot Agency Special
Launch Discount Today ONLY!

This Is NOT A Reseller License

Note: This is a developer, commercial, agency, outsourcer and virtual assistant license.

You or your team can create custom image and video posts or automate design creations for your clients. You can also manage and grow their social media profiles. You can charge one-off fees or monthly subscriptions where you KEEP 100% of the profits.

You can not give/share your EngagBot Agency account details or give access to your clients.